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    College Tuition: How to Pay?

    By Tech CU » College Tuition: How to Pay?, Technology Credit Union

    Sending a child off to college can be a daunting task. It’s not just that both you and your offspring have reached a significant milestone in each of your lives, it’s also the fact that now you have to pay for four very expensive years of education. read more »

    Tech CU

    Retiring when you're single

    By Tech CU » Retiring when you're single, Technology Credit Union

    Whenever we talk about retirement or hear about different retirement plans, there is often the assumption that the retirees in question are a couple. 401(k) brochures tend to show two gray-haired people smiling together as they look out from their lovely vacation home (due to their effective long-term planning). read more »

    Tech CU

    Going the Distance

    By Tech CU » Going the Distance, Technology Credit Union

    My husband commutes over an hour each way driving to and from work on a daily basis. He has recently said (repeatedly) that after four years of doing this, he has “hit a wall” when it comes to the amount of time he spends in the car. read more »

    Tech CU

    Haggling Like a Pro

    By Tech CU » Haggling Like a Pro, Technology Credit Union

    When it comes to haggling over a price, most of us tend to think of either a car dealership or a flea market. read more »

    Tech CU

    Clipping Coupons

    By Tech CU » Clipping Coupons, Technology Credit Union

    Remember when you used to sift through the Sunday paper to cut out coupons for the following week? read more »

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